Mother's Day Memories

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It's been almost a year now since we closed our shop in Frankfort Gate and our last day of trading happened to be the day before Mother's Day. I always loved this time of year,  not only was it great to be busy but it was lovely to see everyone buying gifts for special Mums. I especially loved the day before Mother's Day which, being a Saturday meant we had all of the children in choosing their gifts. One little boy, aged about 5, came in with his Grandma and she told us that he had been doing chores for her in order to earn money to pay for a gift that he had chosen himself. What a lovely little boy!


We have a great selection of Mother's Day gifts on our website to show your Mum how much you care. My Mum always gets lots of lovely gifts, first of all because she is a brilliant Mum and also because she has 10 children and we all think the world of her.

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